Roger Smart

RWS Consulting was formed in 2006 by Roger Smart after 40 years within electrical engineering.

Roger Smart has been employed in various sectors including projects in -

  • Abu Dhabi - Process SCADA
  • Antwerp - Road Tunnel Services
  • Copenhagen - Road/Rail tunnel and bridge
  • Geneva - Communications
  • Hong Kong - Bridge to airport
  • London - Rail Jubilee line
  • Oslo - Road Tunnel Services
  • Paris - Road Tunnel Services
  • Singapore - Road tunnel network

As a result of this invaluable experience, he has a breadth of knowledge that enables RWS Consulting to approach any commission in a focussed, effective and efficient manner.

Brecon Access Group

Roger returned to Brecon 5 years ago where his family are established and soon sought interests in local politics and voluntary groups.

Specifically he has become an Advocate, a key member of the local Access group, a local ambassador, a member of Brecon Business Club, and an IET mentor for Brecon High School.

He is also a keen motorcyclist and Photographer.